Monday, April 18, 2011

My Peeps

 We had six little ladies join our family on March 18th. They were born on St. Patrick's day and were a mere 18 hours old when we got them. MaryJane named them all colorful names on the way home from the tractor store where we purchased them. Beautiful, Sticker, Flower, Goldfur...etc...when I told her that the names should be unanimous...ones that all 3 of us could agree on, she told me, "I named them already. Please be quiet so I can listen to them peeping." She is a master of distraction.

So furry and sweet---We finally got her consent to reconsider the names and came up with, what I think. are perfect.
3 red pullets named Ginny (after Ginny Weasley), Ginger, and Bernadette and 3 golden comets named Lottie, Goldfur (we let her keep that one), and Mrs. Norris.

I've noticed some interesting behavior among the chicks. Those old sayings, "pecking order" and "rules the roost," really do have truth in their origins. As you can see Mrs. Norris (above center) had exerted her power since we brought her home.  

Now at 4 1/2 weeks old they have changed appearances. The gold comets are developing beautiful cream puff color feathers and the red hens are a rusty auburn. They still are a little frightened by quick movements or loud noises, but they like to be pet. They rub their backs under my hand like a cat, they allow Nick to rub their beaks, and MaryJane to pick them up and hold them...not for as long as she'd like, of course.

They know to peep at the top of their lungs when they need me. They stick their heads though the poultry wire and yell, "MOM--FEED ME!" --that's the translation I get. And they've also learned the neat trick of teamwork to push the wire netting off so they can perch on the barrel's edges...even if it's at 3 in the morning. Nick built the coop yesterday and I think the babies will be making the transport outdoors this week.

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