Friday, February 25, 2011

Canada is for Lovers

 We did things a bit chronologically different in this family. I guess this is to be expected considering I had the baby before we even met!--correction, met up again--
We bought our house in May, we got married in the back yard in June, had our wedding celebration in September at my best friend's barn in September, then took our honeymoon to Montreal in February. Our wedding has been stretched into a year long celebration completely unintentionally (the intention was to stretch the bill but it has worked out for the best).
We had the best Indian Summer day in September. It was sunny and in the 70's all day long. We feasted on roast pig, drank wine, listened to friends play music and sing, and watched the kids chase chickens, feed donkeys, and play in the rocks.
It was a beautiful day in the Hudson Valley and we couldn't have wanted for more.

Then we chose to leave our cold winter weather for even colder winter weather in the dead of February. We took a 6 hour road trip to Montreal. 
In New York, we've had a ton of snow this winter. Everyone I know has cabin fever. No one does anything outdoors unless your talking winter sports---skiing, snowboarding, --I haven't even heard of anyone I know going ice skating this winter. But in Canada, they think differently. It was frigid, in the teens without the windchill factor during the sunny part of the day. But did that keep everyone indoors? No, they decided to have an outdoor mid-winter festival/highlights festival.

Layers...and lots of them are key. We were ill equipped upon arrival, but after my furry hat purchase (the best $20 I ever spent) and a couple of pairs of new mittens, we enjoyed the beauty of the city and even the cold!
 It was very romantic. It seemed we'd traveled to mini - France just across the state border. The food was excellent. J'aime des crêpes ... plus s'il vous plaît.
And the natives couldn't have been more sincere in their warm hospitality.

I loved it so much, I may want to move! Don't get me wrong, the Hudson Valley is my home and in my humble opinion the best spot on earth, but we never know what our future holds.

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