Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to make: Green Eggs & Ham

First, you put your eggs in a small pot and fill with warm water.

Then, have Mom boil them on the stove.
While you're waiting for the eggs to cook, you can lay the ham out on the plate. Have a look around to see if anyone is watching...
If not, taste some or a lot of the ham. Every good chef samples her ingredients to make sure they're fresh.
Tastes goo-ood!
Next, prepare your greening ingredients. We put scallions, avocado, and a little bit of mayonnaise in the food processor.
Make sure you lick all the leftover avocado out of its shell, it's very good for you, you know...

Now, wait patiently while Mom cracks and splits the hard boiled eggs.
Add the yolks to the food processor with the green stuff and a little salt and pepper. Mix it up good!
Then stuff your eggs with the mixture and place them on the plate with the ham.
Would you eat them in a house?
Would you eat them with a mouse?
We will eat them here or there, we will eat them anywhere!
Even though they are a bit messy.
Voila! Green Eggs & Ham...well maybe not green...chartreuse is more like it, but you get the point. Very tasty to eat and entertaining to make. Hope you enjoy making it with your little one!

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